Each of us is the author of our own life story. The Writing InsideOut mission is to promote self-awareness and transformational healing by telling that story, or portions of it, through creative expressive writing.

Since the first studies 25 years ago revealed a clear link between expressive writing and health, researchers in cross-disciplinary fields have been exploring the uses and benefits of such writing. Writing InsideOut expands upon the basic expressive writing paradigm by incorporating many of the same techniques used by fiction writers.  For example, how plot, point of view and setting can be used to help make sense of and find meaning in the narrative of difficult or transitional life events.

For those who have used writing as a tool to work through loss or life transition, the relationship between writing and wellness is perhaps not surprising. What may be surprising is that one does not have to adopt writing as a regular practice in order to benefit. Expressive writing can be used when and as needed.  These techniques can also be used, of course, by those who wish to write regularly as part of a personal or spiritual growth practice.

On this site you will find detailed information on our workshops, classes and retreats.  A News section offers updates on the research and science behind writing and wellness.  In addition, feature articles, interviews with luminaries in the writing and wellness field, writing tips and techniques, and the occasional poll will be included.

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